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I can’t find Plastique Magazine anywhere :(
I’m researching for my project right now, but keep getting excited about photos and forgetting about the actual amount of work I need to do.
If anyone can send me some studio portrait images that are AMAZING then do… cos I need more inspiration.
This is amazing tho.



Hmmm :)

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I’m halfway through my first year studying Photography in IADT :)
Friendships have changed for better and for worse.
I have a beautiful boyfriend :) x
I’m researching for my next project…
I’m happy :)



IADT… Here I come?

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Ok so after my head being in a spin the last couple of months over college, I finally know what I want, and it’s exactly where I started out. After a few years of madness, my dream course is STILL the BA Photography in IADT. I went to the open evening last Thursday and OH WOW I fell in love with it all over again. There are a few things to sort out before I get too excited, such as sorting out my application, getting a GREAT portfolio together, and actually having enough confidence to go through with it. To be honest, I’m more confident this time around, but I know well it’s a challenge to impress them.
I’ve been chatting to some very cool people who are in first year at the moment and they have been SO helpful so thank you to Cait and Lucy!
I’ll update as I go along but this blog will probably get ignored for a while, as I sort my messy head out.

Also, I will be posting the Analogue photos as soon as it’s out and about for you to pick up yourselves.
Can’t wait!

Analogue Photoshoot

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Today was my first proper photoshoot since college, and it was super. I clearly gotta thank my old buddy Bren for asking me to do it. Hero.
I got to work with a really great bunch of people and it was a super experience. It was basically vintage fashion [the fancy name for second hand, we know.] with two models, Julie and Pete, who were amazing might I add.
All the clothes were picked by Alan and Aidan did an amazing job with the makeup. Thanks for making the already gorgeous models even easier to photograph.
It was freezing, it was windy, it was rainy, but it was so worth it. I’ll post the photos up as soon as I pass them on to Bren.
In the meantime here are some random shots from today.

And go check out Analogue Magazine too, it’s deadly.

It’s a new year!

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And all is going great… so far. I’ve pretty much changed my attitude towards life which is the best decision I’ve ever made. Of course it’s going to take most of the year actually implementing, but I’m slowly becoming the person I wanna be. Considering 2007 & 2008 were full of ups and downs, I think I deserve a rockin’ 2009! The only dull side is that one of my best friends is leaving us for an 8ish month volunteering stint in Guatemala… not my kind of thing, which makes it harder to understand why she’s going. Then again, she’ll be home again in no time and we can enjoy the end of our year, HURRAH! Obviously I’ve got the best of friends to keep me company in the meantime!
College applications are in the midst of being done… it’s all form form form, print print print, portfolio portfolio portfolio from here on in. I’m going to the IADT open evening on either Jan 14th or 15th so I’m hoping it will make my decision of first choice easier.

Some of my 2008 creative peeps highlights include…

This girl is FANTASTIC. I’ve gone on about her enough, just go check her out.

Courtney Brooke
What more can I say?

Elsie Flannigan
She is the definition of cute and creative! Someday I’m going to visit her store, I swear.

The girl is whacky. Her videos are annoying and cringe, yet I love her.
Yes… I LOVE iJustine.

Everybody Should Have…

A Holga ColourFlash camera.
Holga colourflash
I recently treated myself to a nice red one and it’s wonderful.
I’m having a lot of fun with it and I haven’t even processed my first roll yet.
To be honest I’m not expecting a whole lot with my first go but I’ll improve.

Several Polaroid Cameras & Film.
You really can’t own enough polaroid cameras.
I’m only on my fourth at the moment, and there are so many more that I NEED to own.

POGO Printer with Moleskine Special Edition notebook.
And impulse buy that I immediatley regretted… until it came in the post and OH MY GOD.
Fantastic. It’s cute, handy and the fact that it uses Zink technology means you are potentially saving a bomb… as the only thing you need to buy is the “film”. €144 in total from… I honestly think it was well worth it.

Finally, what *I* am loving so far in 2009!!

What can’t it do?
You can makes headbands, bags, jumpers, blankets… the list is pretty much endless.

Onesie Pjs.

Film Cameras
Whether it’s Medium Format, 35mm it doesn’t matter. I love it.
For the sake of laziness I go digital every time.
Not this year… unless deadliness are calling.

Coffee Table Books.
Cannot get enough of these. Taschen are particularly great.
I’d recommend “Unseen Vogue: The Secret History of Fashion Photography”.
Can not put it down.

Time for a fresh start.
Happy 2009!


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Oh Jeez…

My head is melted. I’m excited and stressed at the same time. It’s time to decide what I want to do with my life and to be honest, I thought I knew… but I don’t.
I LOVE photography. I love taking photos and seeing the finished product. I love sticking them into scrapbooks and making little layouts. I love creating different textures and learning new techniques, I love shooting film, I love shooting digital… BUT… I don’t know what to do next.
*headmelt break*

Basically, I can’t figure out what I want to do with my life, career wise. I wish I could rewind a few years so I felt like I had lots of time. I wish I wasn’t such a lazy, indecisive person.
This is how it would be if life worked out perfectly… I’d have a big loft. I would take photos, [NOT STUDIO PHOTOS… I really can’t bear studio photography… does this completely wipe out any hope of me ever getting a job then?] I would paint pictures and make collages and people would want to buy my work and want me to create things for THEM. Magazines would include my work and I’d have my own lil page where I rant and rave about all things arty… especially photography. Then maybe somewhere down the line I’d have my own creations magazine with my own lil team and it’d be wonderful.
I’d also like to teach classes…
Any pointers?! I’m definitley going to get my degree… I’m thinking advanced entry is the answer at this point, so I don’t have to flail my way through four years because I mean I’ve done a lot of it before.
THEN WHAT!? Postgrad?! In what!? WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS!?
If anyone knows I’d be super excited to hear all about it.

One down, Millions to go.

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Sunday was FREEZING.
Which is why I totally owe extra thankies to two of my bestest buds ever, Laura and Lolly.
You guys were rockin’ models.
Got some really nice photos, but to be honest, and who isn’t critical of their own work… I wish I was better.
I could blame the lack of really ace equipment [I honestly do] but I also blame my ability to now to all out sometimes. We did well though, and I’m really happy with how some of them turned out.
So THANKS guys. I took a lot of inspiration from all different places this time around.
Oh and we totally brought Buddy the dog along for his big modelling debut… what a little cutie.

I’ll upload photos soon… again when my net connection isn’t sucking everything available.
For now check them out on my Flickr.
Whoever even reads this.