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I love colour film.



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Colour has the ability to express emotion

Three colour images.


Ten Picture Narrative Rough Title Image

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Ten Picture Narrative

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I’m thinking of using this or something similar for the opening image of my Ten Picture Narrative project…

Working title is
“The Exagerrated Image of Women due to Social Contructivism.”

Ten Picture Narrative

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Ten Picture Narrative

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Hmmm… work in progress.


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Studio project almost finito.
Took some final shots of Tom today and the tiny test strip from the stupid wannabe wet darkroom looks GREAT! So I’m really happy. I chose Caravaggio’s “John the Baptist” as my painting to recreate.


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I’m pretty sure self-righteous “vegetarians” who actually haven’t got any interest in the practice other than status are my biggest bugaboo right now. It’s very hard to hold my tongue, but for the sake of smiles all round, I get by. What’s the point?

Eight weeks left…

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Today I learned how to process 120 film thanks to my lovely college friend Mark! He’s super talented and always, ALWAYS looks out for everyone which is a really great help in there sometimes! I’m way more confident now as I figured it’d be a LOT harder than it was… it was easy.
I got an email from Jonathan Hallam… migosh!
Going in to shoot some portraits of my boyfriend Tom tommorrow. I’m excited and nervous all at once, because I have never actually loaded and shot with a Hasselblad by myself before… I literally pressed the button once and took a really bad photo. I’m never really confident before I shoot but I’m usually happy with my results, so I’m really REALLY hoping I get something ace. Seeing as the last project I handed up was so horrific.
I love Annie Leibovitz.
I love Bruce Gilden.
I love Visual Journals.
I love days off.


Jonathan Hallam <3